From being online to posting selfies to having funfun—FASTRA Messenger is the ONE.
Connect, Click pictures, Try the new Augmented Reality filters , Laugh till you cry with our fun pages on a completely free and secure platform.
Profile tab is a home for your own
private zone of settings.
From accessing top selfie to shown to public to making it private
your information, this is the place
Full Screen selfie
A complete screen of the whole new you without any size restrictions.
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Top selfie
Lets the world know that your selfie is the most liked because its the best.
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A simple interface that connects you
with people across the globe.
Chat avatars
Mark your favourite ones in chat with our customised chat avatars to enhance a new and different look.
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A place for your own entertainment and fun.
Follow pages to get exciting insights in an entertaining way.
Memes.Gags.Pun.Humour One stop platform to make you cry with laughter.
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A gallery only for your friends and family
Pictures are worth million words and our gallery is full of them forever.
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